U.S.A. – Wealth Of Opportunity

People that were born here in the United States Of America, I feel, take it for granted on how lucky and blessed they have it in this country. It’s sad to see people here, with all the opportunities open to them to take advantage of to become successful, and not take them.

Although I do understand every individual has their own interests and goals, but there are so many people that are not happy with their job and/or professional career. It is almost as if they are slaves that are just a part of the American workforce. I mean, I am a part of America’s society, but I don’t feel like a slave. I know what being a slave feels like. That’s what I was back in my native county before I was sponsored by my grandmother to move here to the States. I was a slave to poverty.

I literally needed to hustle to make a couple of pesos (money) to live and support my family, which consisted of my three siblings (I won’t go into my full history here just yet). I had to conjure up water and flour to mix together to make something worth selling to others in order to make money support us. It was a communist country at the time, so “getting help” is something that didn’t exist there.

So, I know what it feels like to struggle. Here, in America, I see people “struggling” and not happy because of their lack of success. Boy, they don’t know how great they have it here. There is no reason why anyone can’t succeed here in the States. There is no reason why people should be “struggling” and unhappy, just like how I was back in my home country. No reason at all!

The United States is the land of opportunity, and the opportunity is there for the taking. People just need to realize that they can take the opportunity. It’s within their own power. I took that opportunity 15 years ago when we arrived here. Even before I’ve gotten my U.S. citizenship, I jumped at the first chance I got to make a life for myself and my two younger brothers and sister.

I worked at my uncle’s junk yard at the age of 14. I helped people find vehicle parts from the junked vehicles that my uncle towed away to the yard. There I learned to negotiate with buyers on the price for the parts that we had and they needed/wanted. From there, I never stopped striving to learn and to better myself in business and in my personal life.

Today, I have a pretty large tow truck company.  See it on both Facebook and Yelp.  In addition to my towing business, I also own another business and I’m an investor in real estate and stocks. 

There’s no reason for people here in America to feel or even be enslaved by a job or doing something they don’t like doing for their professional career. I am proof of that.

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